about Whitefire Marketing

Whitefire Marketing offers skilled business development solutions focusing on telemarketing, telesales and lead generation to bring you more sales and increased income.

Whitefire Marketing Telemarketing, Sales and Lead Generation Services

Whitefire Marketing is a company whose foundations were built with great people. Businesses come to us because they understand that developing business is a science, using captivating, perceptive and knowledgeable phone calls to take unqualified names and numbers and convert them into top quality leads, opportunities and in turn sales.

Only trained, talented and experienced people can achieve the best outcome from every call made, which is why we put so much effort and time into finding the right people and doing our best to retain them.

This is why we have one of the lowest staff turnover rates in the industry.

We understand that growing a business requires efficient, cost effective lead generation and sales and this knowledge is reflected in our own company’s success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the growth of our clients’ businesses by supplying exceptional telemarketing and telesales solutions. We continue to develop our group of highly skilled people and invest in their ongoing training along with using the benefits of the latest technological tools and advancements available.

We regularly re-evaluate our business model and methodology as part of our continuous improvement process.

Our Values

Deliver an exceptional Client Experience

This is a cornerstone of our business as we want clients to come back time and again and we also generate substantial new business through referrals from satisfied clients.

Individual Advancement

We strongly encourage all our team to continue to develop themselves both inside and outside of the work environment. We believe a well-rounded individual is both happier and more effective.

A Single Team

Although we may occupy different positions in the company, every team member is crucial to the overall success of our company. We expect all staff to treat each other with a level of respect that they, in turn, would wish for themselves. By working together, we are much better placed to succeed.

Exceptional Achievements

Achieving goals and results is at the core of what we do. Each of us must reflect on our own responsibility to achieve what is necessary for ourselves and the business.

Enjoyable Times

Considering the amount of time that we spend working together, it is important we make that time as productive and enjoyable as possible whilst building the business and serving our clients.