Lead Generation For FinTech

FinTech is a competitive sector and only the most suitable prospects need to be identified.
Whitefire Marketing has the experience and business know-how to increase retention and conversions

At Whitefire Marketing we have created hundreds of opportunities to increase the retention and conversions of FinTech services, using our industry knowledge and experience to focus on the most relevant and convertible clientele for your company.

Whether this is your first campaign or not, Whitefire Marketing will deliver the results you need.

“Our company has worked with Whitefire Marketing over four different campaigns now and we have received a professional service for our telemarketing needs and have closed some good new overseas business for our company in addition to increasing our retention rate. Our campaigns have been well managed and the script modified occasionally to see if improvements could be made. I would wholeheartedly refer Whitefire Marketing to anyone who wants to increase their telemarketing presence in a cost-efficient way.”

—Bao Wang, Technology Company

Why use Whitefire Marketing?

We understand the difficulties in connecting with the right customers and with our experience, passion and enthusiasm, Whitefire Marketing is one of the foremost lead generation providers for the FinTech industry.

We offer:

  • Verified success methods for Lead Generation
  • Vast experience with FinTech
  • Ongoing liaison throughout the campaign
  • Focused on quality
  • Readily accessible project data

Whitefire Marketing works shoulder to shoulder with your marketing department, filtering and identifying customers for your business. Using industry techniques, online tools and our considerable network we ensure that the clients and leads we generate are current, appropriate and are qualified to be closed.

Our Process

FinTech is a fast changing arena and your business needs to be prepared to enter an already competitive industry.

Whitefire Marketing understands the need to distinguish yourself from your competitors and we take full advantage of our knowledge, insight and network of industry connections to help you differentiate yourself from the pack.

With campaign information, metrics and KPI’s available, you are always fully informed and aware of progress and ensure we keep on track to success.

From lead identification to evaluation to onboarding, our process ensures that all participants are current with the most recent strategies and developments and are prepared to provide your prospective clients with the expertize and sector knowledge needed to close.

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